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Our capabilites enable possibilities to become reality.

At OVO, we helped build visions into large businesses. We are visionaries and apply the best visionary thinking of our team to the specialized needs of our clients. We understand life, the principles of business, how to listen, collaborate and win. Our team is recognized as being innovative and not held back by provincial thoughts.

  • We focus on customization.
  • We have a deep passion for excellence - only the best will do.

Efficient Structures The strategic mix of legal vehicles (trusts, foundations, companies, partnerships, etc.) and locations of each is key for the efficient wealth structure and multigenerational family legacy.

Understanding Risk Investor anxiety may stem from a misunderstanding of risk and reward. The first step to tackling this issue is knowing the best way to measure risk. At OVO, we focus on ensuring capital is protected and as such we mitigate investor anxieity.

GovernanceFolklore phrases such as "rich father, noble son and poor grandson" points to the historic difficulty in maintaining family wealth. Good governance is critical for a multigenerational family legacy.

Philanthropy Strategic Philanthropy allows families to meet financial, tax, family, and charitable goals in concert, allowing each to complement and elevate the others.

Technology EnabledWe reshape engagement models. Any device, anywhere, anytime. We are all former technologists and we all take advantage of technology and focus on long term issues. Our technology driven approach reshapes wealth management and it is ideal for generational wealth.

Wealth Management

Protect. Preserve. Build.

OVO is a premier wealth manager and we are delighted to manage greater than 31 Billion in assets under management. We are differentiared from other firms as we are all former technology executives and have been key to M&A and IPO's. We understand the complexities of business. We tackle the hard uncommon problems, make them easy and we transform those ideas into a new kind of Asset and Wealth Management firm.

  • We tackle the hard problems and make them easy.
  • High-touch, one-on-one service of a principal of a boutique.
  • Deep passion for strategic innovation and excellence.

We have a deep passion for excellence - only the best will do. We act locally and work globally, focusing on clients first, teamwork and core values. We are passionate about changing the world via building responsible, meaningful relationships of lasting value that can dramatically benefit our stake holders.

Wealth Solutions

Strategic solutions to complex issues.

With OVO, expect to receive the best of both worlds: the high-touch, one-on-one service of a principal of a boutique backed by global resources of the largest firms. Here is some of what we can do for you.

  • Private Placement - above market yields.
  • Illiquid Asset Conversion to Liquid Assets.
  • Efficient Structures.
  • Business Counsel.
  • Understanding Risks.
  • Governance.
  • Philanthropy.

Your plan is truly your plan. It reflects the best thinking of our firm adapted to your tactical and strategic needs and wants and always with your unique goals as the top priority. All of our endeavors are designed to help our clients' immediate and generational needs, to create jobs and to better enable economies to grow.

Want to learn more about solutions? Contact us today, and we'll connect you with a principal member of the firm who can help you with your needs.


  • Private Bespoke Access

    Whether it is Private Placements, Project Developments, harvesting Illiquid Assets, or Bank Undertakings, all of our customized Asset and Wealth Management endeavors are driven to safeguard and drive wealth accumulation while minimizing liabilities and outside exposures.

  • Illiquid / Brazilian Assets

    We have a deep understanding of vehicle structures and the market to convert illiquid to liquid assets. We custom structure illiquid assets such as Brazil LTNs into credit-linked asset backed instruments where such can be exited via the European public exchanges.

  • Private Placement Programs

    Discover private bespoke access into our Swiss and German Private Placement Programs from where we can custom structure the opporuntiy to fit your needs.

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We look forward to speaking with you about how we can put our local experience and resources to work for you.