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Reinventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology.

No idea is too early. We love to roll up our sleeves and help you build the project of your dreams from day one.

For a funds owner funding Projects either directly or via third party Projects, the Project selection process is waived, however projects may be required to meet criteria and monitoring as established by the European Investment Bank, World Bank and IMF.

Projects can be: A football stadium, a university building, a hospital, a complex highway bridge, a new highway segment, port development, research including but not limited to cancers, gene, energy etc., real estate development including resort, hotel, large complex housing, a new manufacturing facility, toxic clean-up, habitat rehabilitation, start-up technology businesses and the like.

While Projects can be multibillion and capital intensive, what is required is enough pledged capital where the profits derived from OVO's Private Placement Program can provide the necessary project funding needs. We like longer term projects.

For OVO funded projects, we focus more on technology developments where our focus and mission is assisting great entrepreneurs determined to build companies and projects with lasting significance. We are in the company-building business.

For Projects and Entrepreneurs, we will need the following: Milestones/financials. Please include your financial projections, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cap table. Accuracy is more important. Contingency planning on the financials is even more critical. What happens to your financial needs if technology or market development or project developments slips or costs are too high?

What are the milestones this financing will achieve? Who are you, and why are you qualified to lead this opportunity? What skill sets do you bring, and what skills will your team need to add? What are the team's relationships with thought leaders in the field? What is the project, product, market and TAM? What does your customer base look like? How much financing do you need and project? What would make your company run out of cash, and what does the worst-case scenario look like in terms of cash flow? We like to see quarterly financials for the next eight quarters and annual financials beyond that.

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Overview Project Finance

Have Courage, Ignore Conventional Wisdom.

We champion ideas that can rewrite the rules of culture and making what was impossible become a reality. We fundamentally like large problems that are amenable to technology solutions. To that end, Private Placement Platform and Off Ledger Trading were developed to create money and to provide a path to deploy the money into economies via jobs - also known as "Projects". Projects are typically large scale and we love large scale.

Project finance is the financing of very large-scale long-term infrastructure, industrial projects, research, clean energy, renewables, real estate, university, hospital, public services and building successful businesses, based upon non-recourse or limited recourse financial structures.

One of the primary advantages of project financing is that it provides for off-balance-sheet financing of the project, which will not affect the credit of the shareholders or the government contracting authority for the project.

The OVO Group provides Private Placement Project Development (PPPD) support to develop projects through a number of different tools and mechanisms.

  • Funds owner finances his projects via OVO PPP.
  • Funds owner finances third party projects via OVO PPP.
  • OVO to fund projects.

The key advantage to the "funds owner" is that while principle is pledged to the PPP, it is the profits generated from the PPP which provides the non-recourse off-balance-sheet funds for project financing while principle is never touched. As a result, the project is built at no cost to the "funds owner" where at the end of the PPP program, which can be from 1-5 years, the original pledged principle is unblocked and free to be used in any manner.

Via its Private Placement Programs, OVO intends to provide Project Financing to governments, institutions and individuals seeking to support specific projects or PPPD programs through limited recourse financial structures.

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Project Developement

Aim for Revolutionay Success.

The last two decades have marked the largest expansion of the global economy the world has ever seen, with more than half of the expansion attributable to emerging economies. Project developments and new companies have been key to this economic expansion.

While building companies is similar to project developments, the similarities stop at the scale of the project. For example, building a new electronic widget or software application is radically different than managing the flow of concrete, steel and earth moving equipment. As a result, two different sets of oversight are employed.

Knowing and doing what it takes to foster winning companies. We are in the company-building business. Our pedigree is one of historically leveraging relationships to build teams, attract partners and customers and then–together–build billion-dollar businesses. We are active partners and board members who do everything we can for our companies and have not forgotten what it takes to win. We get our hands dirty, and this direct engagement gives us the requisite oversight for this kind of a project.

We love large-scale projects where steel, concrete, ships, water, power and earth move. This is however out of our domain. As a result, industry experts like the top accounting/consulting firms, contractors etc. with the appropriate domain expertise are contracted to provide the requisite oversight. We will want to understand the project management team, the timelines for each milestone, responsibilities, tasks, the operation from A to Z and be there with you for each milestone achievement from beginning to end.

In summary, the OVO PPPD generates the non-recourse off-balance-sheet funds for project financing while the pledged principle is never touched. As a result, the project is built at no cost to the "funds owner" where at the end of the PPP program, which can be from 1-5 years or more, the original principle is unblocked and free to be used in any manner.

Want to learn more about solutions? Contact us today, and we'll connect you with a principal member of the firm who can help you with your needs.

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  • Private Bespoke Access

    Whether it is Private Placements, Project Developments, harvesting Illiquid Assets, or Bank Undertakings, all of our customized Asset and Wealth Management endeavors are driven to safeguard and drive wealth accumulation while minimizing liabilities and outside exposures.

  • Illiquid / Brazilian Assets

    We have a deep understanding of vehicle structures and the market to convert illiquid to liquid assets. We custom structure illiquid assets such as Brazil LTNs into credit-linked asset backed instruments where such can be exited via the European public exchanges.

  • Business Counsel

    Our backgrounds include include leadership roles in hi-technology start-ups of which 11 were completed to M&A and IPOs. We have built and run hi-tech companies and that gives us a unique advantage over other firms. We can act in roles that range from informal strategic advisors to formal board members.

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