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Personalized Insights to Your Objectives

Learn Goals

Protect. Preserve. Build.

Working together closely, we learn of your ultimate objectives and expectations for:

  • lifestyle and;
  • generational goals.

This upfront development ensures all are aligned around your vision from the start.

Evaluate Assets

Uncover. Capabilities. Possibilities.

As we learn of your goals, we assess your asset base, and pay special attention to:

  • any illiquid assets from where potential can be unlocked and;
  • we will focus on the uncommon and tackle the hard problems.

Our work is aimed at uncovering under-leveraged assets, missed opportunities and risks as related to your objectives.

Articulate Strategies

Solutions. Relationships. Possibilities.

We analyze each entity and asset within your asset base including:

  • entity and personal structures for optimal tax efficiency and;
  • any special situations.

We create a strategic plan with your input throughout, and then move to plan execution.

Execute Strategies

Communicate. Execute. Communicate.

The execution plan is documented and reviewed by all ensuring your objetives are met and then the transition is to implemenation.

  • We go to work executing the agreed upon strategy, and;
  • keeping you informed every step of the way and;

We keep you informed anywhere, anytime on any device via voice, text and reports.

Strategy Management

Protect. Preserve. Build.

The execution plan is executed on all increments of time cycles and;

  • as new opportunities present themselves;
  • you are instantly informed and;

We keep you informed constantly of new trends where the best thinking and execution can delight you with great results.

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Client-First Culture

We do things a little differently at OVO. Here, our commitment is to serving clients, not selling products. We are business focused and work towards driving business at internet speeds.

Our client retention rates matter the most to us. We are most proud of our sustained relationships which can only be earned over time - and they're what allow us to better create more fulfilling legacies.

Becoming a Client. Personal strategies and services are based upon just one question: What do you need?

The Pathway

At OVO, expect to receive the best of both worlds: the high-touch, one-on-one service from a principal of a boutique, backed by deep relationships and capabilities.

Industry-leading client service. Best in class resources. A spirit of innovation. All focused on you.

Want to learn more about solutions? Contact us today, and we'll connect you with a principal who can help you build a plan for your specific needs.

Discover how we can address your needs.